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Sigentics Industrial Generators

SIGENTICS Industrial Generators are the optimum solution for every application and every location. The range includes high and low voltage, diesel genset, small hydro and turbine driven generators. Whether installed in closed switchgear rooms or outdoors, whether subject to tropical heat, arctic cold, extreme humidity or salt-laden sea air: All the series provide the maximum energy yield – reliably and efficiently.

Siemens industrial generators seamlessly address a power range extending from 0.3 up to over 70 MVA. With their high efficiencies – frequently exceeding 98 percent – our rugged high-voltage generators always achieve the maximum energy yield, reliably and without interruption. Featuring high-quality materials, efficient excitation and optimized cooling, the high operational reliability of our SIGENTICS Industrial Generators directly translates into high revenues. At the same time our Siemens generators design results in extremely low inspection and maintenance costs.

And last but not least: The time-saving concept – from planning through to system integration – ensures that all efficient generators can quickly go online und you reach your maximum energy yield faster.

Products range:
  • SIGENTICS Series Diesel Genset
  • SIGENTICS Series Small Hydro
  • SIGENTICS HV Series Turbine Driven
  • SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn