Chiorino polyurethane round and V-belts-centro

Chiorino polyurethane round and V-belts

HIORINO manufactures by extrusion both polyurethane round and V Section belts which are used in various markets for transmission of light duty drives, at medium low speeds and conveying light loads.

Main characteristics: extremely good tensile strengths, elasticity and flexibility values; very high resistance to abrasion, tearing, grease and pure mineral oils, petrols and hydrolisis.

The recommended working temperatures is between –20 and +60 C degrees. Round belting is now available in two versions:

“RU HP” series in blue color with smooth surface, complying to EU regulations EC 1935/2004, EC 2023/2006, EU 10/2011 and FDA, 85 Sh.A hardness;

“RU” series in green colour with rough surface, 92 Sh.A hardness. The V-belts are manufactured in a single range which has a smooth surface, 92 Sh.A hardness, in bright green colour.

Fast joint

Being thermoweldable polyurethane it enables quick endless jointing of belts. For high precision joints of round and V-belts of any size CHIORINO supply the FAST JOINT welder “S15”.