Bonfiglioli Gear Motors For Hostile Environments-centro

Bonfiglioli Gear Motors For Hostile Environments


Food processing, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry
Marine on-board and quayside installation
Corrosive and/or highly hygienic environments

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Gears: VF 44, VF 49, W 63, W 75, W 86
Motors: BN 63 … BN 112 / M1SD … M3LC

Standard Features
Stainless Steel Hollow Shaft Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware and Tag Oil Seals Loaded with Stainless Steel Spring Sealed Gearcase (unvented) Unused Tapped Holes Closed with Button Plugs Four Draining Holes on Motor DE and NDE Shield Motor Protection IP 56
Epoxy Primer+Epoxy top Coating FDA Washdown Duty Oil Seals Food Grade Lubrificant, Class H1
Foot, Flange and Shaft Mount
Plug-in Solid Output Shaft from Stainless Steel Safety Cover for the Hollow Output Shaft Torque Arm