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KSB Valves

KSB valves are used in power stations, buildings, on ships and in process and water engineering systems in the UK and globally. This diverse product spectrum complements our broad range of pumps, leaving it well positioned to offer all-in solutions for hydraulic applications and draw on its 140 years of experience.

Throughout the company’s history, our engineers have consistently developed new innovative solutions including the first maintenance-free cast iron globe valve (BOA-H) and the first soft-seated globe valve (BOA-W).

A comprehensive product range, short response times and tailored service and spare parts solutions – no other competitor offers a comparable range of products and services. In all phases of the product life cycle, we are on hand to ensure that our customers secure long-term value from their systems.

First-class products and excellent service take top priority. To maintain this level of excellence, we have developed a modern quality management system with globally applicable guidelines.
It is based on the Business Excellence model of the European Foundation for Quality Management.

KSB is the brand with the greatest technical expertise in pumps and valves. The company also offers excellent service, which, in addition to maintenance and repairs for pumps and valves , also includes the supply and installation of KSB spare parts.

We produce the following types of valves:

  • KSB Globe Valves
  • KSB Butterfly Valves
  • KSB Gate Valves
  • KSB Diaphragm Valves
  • KSB Control Valves
  • KSB Non-return Valves
  • KSB ASME/ANSI Valves
  • KSB Ball Valves
  • KSB Valves for Nuclear Applications
  • KSB Pneumatic Actuators
  • KSB Hydraulic Actuators
  • KSB Control and monitoring